As PSG crashed out of the UEFA Champions League last Wednesday, questions were being asked again about the mentality of the players who only two years ago threw away a commanding first leg lead against Barcelona.

The Parisian club have had a serious amount of financial investment pumped into the club, which now sees them as one of the top clubs in European football.

Their failings and shortcomings at the elite European level will be scrutinised further, until they finally progress into the latter stages of the Champions League.

However, off the field PSG are seeing unprecedented success in the addition of using Air Jordan as the clubs kit sponsor.

Moving from the Nike Swoosh (tick) to the ‘Jump Man’ logo, PSG have reportedly seen an increase of 470% in their playing kit being sold in the US. For the first time in their clubs history, they are expecting to hit one million shirt sales.

The team wear merchandise which PSG offer is just as popular as the team’s playing kit itself. The range of clothing has been seen worn by several high profile NBA stars, rapper Travis Scott and Justin Timberlake.

With the Air Jordan design being a “Slam Dunk” success story for PSG, will we see more football clubs aim to emulate their success to help push their global clothing brand?


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